Professional vision

I work from clear concepts, in which research is central. Concepts in which I can transform abstraction into my own spatial translation and imagery. I enjoy to explore issues that require sharp, accurate and above all innovative answers.

Graduation collection 2013 – 2014, entitled: Möbius
In my search for the ultimate space, I found the Möbius strip, a principle used in mathematics. This is a very basic two dimensional strip that has been transformed in complex three dimensional shapes. It forms the base for the infinite line.

Turning the Möbius strip into a clothing principle, it creates infinite clothing where the strip is the pattern piece. Using small adjustments and different orders of cutting, sewing and putting the Möbius strip together it creates a variety of colorful, handmade evening dresses with a mathematical twist. For me this is the new couture.

Collaboration with image-maker Jivan van der Ende, 2014
Fashionable and abstract interpretation of my graduation collection “Möbius II” described in a series of photographs.
Concept design entitled: €0,44ct, 2015
This free collection is available in my imaginary webshop.*buy*now*freecollection*buy*now*

The customer receives an envelope with a very precise created and folded piece of fabric in it. This fabric can be cut out in different ways and as a result, every ‘random’ cut results in a different clothing piece (two tops, two skirts and one dress). So the final design only arises when the costumer cuts open the envelope in a random way. In this case, the costumer is actually the real designer. Therefore the actual price of the online-clothes is only the price of a stamp.
Project entitled “Finally Using Fat” 2015 – 2016
Collaboration with image-maker Jivan van der Ende
Concept-design Fashion collection (status: work in progress)

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